The Environmental Justice Program works closely with parishes in the Stockton Diocese and other local faith communities to provide resources on how to better care for creation. This includes how to switch to solar energy, local concerns about fracking, nature journaling, issue-specific study guides, and much more. We are especially excited about Pope Francis’ Encyclical, Laudato Si’ and have been busy sharing this document with parishes through thematic, audience-specific toolkits our staff has developed. We are eager to share this program with your social justice committee, youth group, catechists, or anyone else who is interested through an interactive presentation tailored for your group. This is available in English and in Spanish for all age levels. We also have a toolkit to teach parishioners about environmental justice in Catholic Social Teaching, which is also available in English and Spanish. To schedule a presentation at your parish, please contact Jonathan Pruitt at [email protected] or 209-406-1181.

Environmental Justice has something for everyone, whether it be advocacy or art. We can provide informative presentations on EJ issues and workshops, as well as let you know the latest information in our Monthly Care for Creation e-newsletter. Together with our Environmental Justice in Action Meet-Up group, our program aims to reach Catholics and all people of goodwill alike. Check out these helpful resources by clicking the button below



Our Common Home: Catholic Social Teaching & Environmental Justice Toolkit

The Our Common Home: Catholic Social Teaching & EJ Toolkit was created as a follow up to the Laudato Si’ Toolkit to show how environmental justice, using Laudato Si’, is very much a part of Catholic Social Teaching. This program includes prayers at opening and closing, questions to promote discussion and consideration, suggestions for action, and resources for continued education. Not all information presented in this toolkit need be used, and can be adapted accordingly.


Laudato Si’ For Kids

Laudato Si’ for Kids! is a fun activity book consisting of quotes and themes from Pope Francis’ Encyclical to help kids understand the main points in a way that they can understand. Filled with activities such as pictures for coloring, connect-the-dots, a maze, and a means to portray their own plan of action, this activity book is one of a kind!

Laudato Si’ For Kids

This 8 day book club was created to help groups of people read Pope Francis’ encyclical, Laudato Si’, and discuss it with the aim of unpacking the goodness it holds. Often it is easier to read something of this magnitude as a group so as to gain the insight of others, as well as offer your own. This guide includes prayers, reflections, questions to promote discussion and consideration, suggestions for how to answer Pope Francis’ Call to Action, and resources for continued education. Not all information presented in this program need be used, and can be adapted accordingly. You can also view the online version at Laudato Si’ Online Reflection playlist.

Join the Vatican in the Switch to Solar Energy

Go solar with our partner, Sungevity! Save money on your energy bill, support Catholic Charities, and better care for creation at the same time.

Climate Change is a moral issue

Climate Change is a moral issue is an op-ed from the Sacramento Bee by the Catholic bishops of three diocese in Northern and Central California, Stephen E. Blaire, Xavier Ochoa, and Jaime Soto. They join their voices with Pope Francis in his calling for urgent action to care for “our common home”.

Pro-Life Perspective: Life Issues Forum: Integral Ecology

English and Spanish. This article provided by the Secretariat of Pro-Life Activities, United States Conference of Bishops, talks about how Pope Francis’ message in his Encyclical, Laudato Si’ reaches to all areas of life, and how caring for creation really is connected to caring for life.

Laudato Si’ infographic

This handy little infographic provided by the Archdiocese of Toronto is rich with the most important points of Pope Francis’ Encyclical, Laudato Si’. Easy to read and understand, this resource is perfect for those who don’t have much time to study the encyclical.

Ray of hope for solar power

Ray of hope for solar power is an article from the Stockton Record featuring single mom Alice Walker, who “would slap solar panels on the roof of her central Stockton apartment complex today, if the decision was hers to make, and if she could afford it.” This article discusses how AB 693 could allow for solar panels “on lower-income apartment buildings or other multifamily unit”.

Modesto area reacts to pope’s messages

Modesto area reacts to pope’s messages is an article from the Modesto Bee with Bishop of the Diocese of Stockton, Stephen E. Blaire and other religious and faith groups responding to Pope Francis’ messages to U.S. Congress during his trip to the United States.

Taking Care of God’s Good Earth

Taking Care of God’s Good Earth is a brochure provided by The Christophers giving information on the connection of caring for creation with the Catholic faith, the connection between health and the environment, and how together, a difference can be made.

How to Read Your Meter

“If you know how to read your meter, you can keep track of your water usage and help determine whether you have a water leak” or not. This informative sheet provided by the California Water Service Company teaches people how to read their water meter accurately.

Garden Chemicals: Safe Use & Disposal

This brochure provided by UC Cooperative Extension, provides information on how to decide the best method of use, storage, and disposal of chemicals used in the garden.

Weed Control Using Herbicides

This brochure provided by UC Agricultural and Natural Resources gives on herbicides for weeds, how to select and use the proper ones, as well as chemical information such as active ingredients and location use.

It’s Easy Being Green

It’s Easy Being Green is a flyer provided by San Joaquin Regional Transit District offers tips on how to reduce your transportational impact on the environment.


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