Transformative Climate Communities Program

The Transformative Climate Communities program funds community lead Environmental Justice projects for the most underinvested communities in South Stockton.


Environmental justice is more than cleaning up nature, it’s about looking out for those who suffer the most.




To respect life, we must respect the envelope of life, the earth, on which all life depends.

– Bishop Stephen Blaire


Air Pollution in San Joaquin Valley

It is time to raise our voice against poor air quality in the San Joaquin valley which has been known to exacerbate Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), as well as increase risk of respiratory tract infections. Air quality in the San Joaquin...

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Ways to Reduce Energy Consumption at Home by David Corona

Why is it important to reduce energy consumption? It's important to reduce our own energy usage because it will help in not only putting less strain on the power grid but also in reducing air and water pollution. This in turn creates a better living environment for...

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Virtual Community Asset Map

Our Virtual Community Asset Map is a great resource for anybody living in Stanislaus or San Joaquin County looking for medical services, homeless shelters, public education, green spaces, and much more!

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