Environmental justice is more than cleaning up nature, it’s about looking out for those who suffer the most.




To respect life, we must respect the envelope of life, the earth, on which all life depends.

– Bishop Stephen Blaire


Stockton General Plan at Planning Commission Thursday Sept. 13

The following message was written by Eric Parfrey from Campaign for Common Ground. We have copied it here. The process to update the Stockton General Plan and finally replace the sprawl-driven 2007 General Plan has now moved into critical hearings before the Stockton...

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Hearing for EPA’s Clean Car Rule Repeal Monday Sept. 24

Hearing for EPA's Clean Car Rule Repeal is Monday, September 24th from 10 AM - 5 PM at 1401 Fulton St, Fresno, CA 93721   The Trump administration is proposing to undo national air pollution rules, called CAFE standards, that had us on track to make future passenger...

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The Farm Bill and Pesticides

The Farm Bill and Pesticides by Yolanda Park   The Farm Bill is a huge program that benefits millions of the most vulnerable communities. However, the House, influenced by corporate interests, has inserted wording that is no longer compatible to supporting...

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Catholic Advocacy Day–April 24th

From the Catholic Legislative Network: Catholic Advocacy Day is quickly approaching, and background information is now available for the six bills that are the focus of this year's event on April 24. Delegates from various dioceses throughout California will meet with...

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