Does this item go in the landfill? Or can it be recycled?
The city of Stockton has lots of resources whether it’s residential, business, industry, or outside city limits.

Republic Services Garbage Truck Waste Management garbage truck

Generally, we know that items like water bottles and soda cans are (and should be) recyclable. But sometimes we’re not sure about things like plastic bags or aluminum foil. Not only that, but even the garbage companies have their own do’s and don’ts when it comes to recycling and trash.

Depending on which one is your company or where you live, there are some sites that residents can go to for questions regarding trash and recycling.

If you have the blue garbage trucks, Republic Services, then you can go here: Republic Services in Stockton, California. Skip to their residential recycling information by going here: All-In-One Recycling at Home

If you have the green garbage trucks, Waste Management, you can go here: WM City of Stockton. Skip to their residential recycling information by going here: Residential Recycling Services

For those who live outside Stockton city limits, you can go here: San Joaquin County Solid Waste Division.

Recycling is important because it acknowledges that our resources aren’t infinite, and helps us to be less wasteful. Our planet can only hold so much trash, and nobody likes having it pile up in a landfill next to them. However, by reducing the waste going to landfills, we reduce the space the Earth has to give up to be a garbage bin.

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